Ketika sedang bercakap-cakap dengan seseorang, terkadang kita tidak bisa mendengar dengan jelas apa yang dikatakannya atau apa yang dia maksudkan. Lalu apa yang harus kita ucapkan? Dan bagaimana pula kita menunjukkan perhatian dan menyatakan kekaguman terhadap orang lain dalam Bahasa inggris? Yuk, simak penjelasan berikut!

Meminta Pengulangan

Maggie: i can’t hear any words from Mr. Brown. It’s too noisy!

Diane: Why don’t you tell Mr. Brown?

Maggie: I will. Emm, excuse me, Mr. Brown. Ya… Mr. Brown?

Mr. Brown: Ah, yes. What’s up Maggie?

Maggie: Can you repeat the explanation about verb and noun just now? I can’t hear you clearly here.

Mr. Brown: Sure. Don’t worry. So the verb is ….

Suasana di pasar.

Mother: Mr, how much for the salmon ?

Fishmonger: I’m sorry, which fish Ma’am?

Mother: Salmon.

Fishmonger: . Oh, salmon? It’s Rp75,000.00 per kilogram.

Situasi di dalam stasiun bis.

Stranger: Excuse me, Miss. How much is the bus fare to Surabaya?

Rohana: Excuse me? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you’ve just said. Can you speak a little louder?

Stranger: Oh, yes. How much is the bus fare to Surabaya?

Rohana: Oh, to Surabaya? Err… about Rp300,000,00 I think you should better check it at the ticketing.

Stranger: I see, and where’s that?

Rohana: Over there, behind the east wall.

Stranger: Oh, okay. Thank you very much, Miss.

Rohana: Sure. No problem.

Menunjukkan Perhatian dan Menyatakan Kekaguman

Mother: Look at you dear… you look so pale and your body temperature is hot.

Intan: Yes, Mom. i feel cold outside too.

Mother: Come on, you should take a rest and drink some medicine.

Intan: Yes, mom.

Situasi di halaman sekolah.

Lala: Ouchh, my skirt uniform looks so dirty and untidy.

Vera: Here. Let me clean it for you because it is on your back side.

Lala: Oh, thank you Vera. Is that okay?

Vera: Yes, that’s okay. Don’t worry.

Situasi di sebuah prom night (malam perpisahan sekolah).

Rihanna: Friends, how do I look?

Gina: Wow, you look outstanding, Rihanna.

Fanny: Yeah, you look so beautiful. The blue dress is so fascinating.

Rihanna: Yeah, sure. Since I spent 4 hours to prepare and being stuck at the beauty salon.

Gina: Hey, it’s worth it. Don’t worry.

Fanny: Indeed.

Rihanna: Thank you, girls. You’re all the best.

Situasi di sebuah toko kado (giftshop).

Gege : I don’t have any idea for giving a gift for Kiko’s birthday this evening.

Kristin : Look! This book is awesome. Kiko would surely like it.

Gege : Oh, what kind of book is it?

Kristin : It’s about an adventure. Climbing Mt. Everest.

Gege : Let me see. Hmm, yes. I think this is the perfect gift for Kiko.

Kristin : See this? The cover is so lovely. The contrast between the font and the background is amazing.

Gege : Let’s go to the cashier, then.

Kristin : Ge, don’t forget to buy the gift wrap.

Gege : Ooh, yes. I almost forgot.

Berikut Kalimat referensi dalam Bahasa inggris yang bsia kamu gunakan dalam situasi ini :

Meminta Pengulangan :

Excuse me

Pardon me? (rising intonation)

What did you say (your name was)?

Did you say….?

Can you repeat that?

Could you say that again please?

What was that again?

Sorry, I didn’t catch that

Could you speak a little louder?

Memuji dan menyatakan kekaguman

I really like…..for

I really look up for…..

I like….because….

That’s nice

Look! It is so nice

You look beautiful

You look awesome, great!