Ketika mendengar teman yang memenangkan lomba, berulang tahun, tampil cantik, atau pantas mengenakan sesuatu, tentu secara spontan kita mengeluarkan pujian atau memberi selamat. Lalu, bagaimana kita mengungkapkannya dalam bahasa Inggris? Yuk, simak penjelasan berikut!

Situasi di pesta ulang tahun.

Tirta : Congratulations, Riana! Wishing you a great age and year to come, full of blessings and grace.

Riana : Thank you very much, Tirta. Hey, you look great in that blue T-shirt and the shawl makes you awesome.

Tirta : Oh, thank you Riana. This suit is especially for your birthday.

Situasi di toko baju.

Mira : Ussy, what do you think of this red gown?

Ussy : Well, the red gown is beautiful. But, I think it won’t suit you well.

Mira : Really? Too bad, I like it.

Ussy : Hey, try this white gown. It will suit you and you will look awesome at the prom.

Mira : All right. I’ll try.

Ten minutes later.

Mira : How do I look, Ussy?

Ussy : See? You look great, beautiful. It suits you perfectly!

Mira : Well, I guess that I already found the perfect partner for the prom.

Ussy : You got it right!

Situasi di sebuah lomba pidato bahasa Inggris.

The anouncer: And the winner goes to… Helmy, with his speech theme “English as a Second Language”

Chika: Did you hear that, Helmy? You Won! Congratulations, you deserve that.

Helmy: Thanks, God. Praise to God the All Mighty. Thank you,

Chika. This is also a tribute for you. Without your help on the script, I couldn’t have won. You rock also!

Chika: Naay, don’t mention it. I only gave a little help, you’re the star. Go, get your trophy!

Helmy: Alright. Thank you a million times Chika.

Sebagai referensi, kata atau kalimat pembuka saat kamu dalam situasi ingin memuji atau juga memberi selamat dalam bahasa inggris, kamu bisa gunakan kata berikut :

Memuji :

It really suit you….

You look amazing in….

Memberi selamat :


Well done on a great job doing…..

Sekarang, praktikkan percakapan-percakapan berikut dengan temanmu atau lakukan sendiri dirumah didepan cermin dengan menggunakan ekspresi dan gerakan anggota tubuh ya!

Joshua : Hi, Ellen. I watched your performance today. It was great.

Ellen: Really, did you think I played well?

Joshua: Of course, you were fantastic.

Ellen: Oh, thank you very much. You’re too kind

Joshua: I have no doubt that you can do well in the national singing competition.

Ellen : Thanks for your support. Please pray for me that I“II do well.

Joshua : Of course. Don’t sweat it, you’re gonna ace it.