Percakapan minta maaf

Seringkali dalam pergaulan sehari-hari atau ketika kita bertemu dengan orang yang berbahasa Inggris, kita mungkin melakukan kesalahan. Oleh karena kita berusaha untuk hormat dan sopan, kita perlu mempelajari berbagai ungkapan untuk meminta maaf dan mengungkapkan kesopanan. Pada hakikatnya, meminta maaf berarti kita juga sudah mengungkapkan kesantunan.

Meminta Maaf dan Mengungkapkan Kesantunan

Situasi di sebuah pusat jajanan yang ramai.

Mr. Bob: Excuse me. Is this seat empty?

Bonny: Oh, I am afraid it is not, Sir. This seat belongs to my friend. He is on his way now. I do apologize.

Mr. Bob: Oh, I see. It’s okay. Thank you.

Situasi di dalam kelas.

Herry : Teni, did you bring my English Grammar book that you borrowed yesterday?

Teni : Oops, I am so sorry, Herry. I didn’t bring it. | must have forgetten it this morning. How about tomorrow?

Herry : Okay. But please don’t forget it tomorrow, OK? My brother needs it.

Teni : Yupe, sure. I’II bring it tomorrow. Thank you Herry.

Situasi di rumah.

Mother : Dion, your teacher just called. She said that you miss the class today. Is that right?

Dion : Yes, Ma’am. That’s right.

Mother: Why? You went to school this morning. You said goodbye to Mum. What happened? And please tell the truth.

Dion : Yes, Mum. i missed the class because I hate Math, I don’t like It at all and I didn’t do the homework. The Math teacher is so rude.

Mother: Hmm, so that is the problem. I see. Well, you can’t miss the class anyway. You have to face it not neglect it. I will speak with your class teacher. We will figure it out together. Promise me! You will never ever lie and do such a bad thing.

Dion : Yes, certainly Mum. I am asking for your forgiveness. i am really, really sorry Mum.

Mother: All right then. Tomorrow I’ll be talking with your class teacher and maybe you can enter a private math course to understand math better.

Dion: Yes, Mum. Thank you.

Meminta maaf dan mengungkapkan kesantunan


– I do apologize

– I am afraid that …. (santun dan sopan)

Menekankan makna

– I am asking for your forgiveness

– I am really really sorry for ……


– I am sorry for ….

– Sorry for …..

– I am so sorry.

Praktikkan percakapan berikut dengan temanmu.

A : i’m sorry. I was accidentally step on your foot.

B : It’s okay, don’t worry.

Nia : Tary, I want to apologize.

Tary : Oh. Really? What for?

Nia :I didn’t buy you the purse that you asked yesterday.

Tary : Ohh, I see. And why was that?

Nia : Yesterday I had to pick my sister at her piano course because my brother couldn’t come. Then, the rain fell so heavily.

Tary : Oh, that’s okay, Nia. I can buy it myself sometime or we can go together.

Nia : Really, are you okay? Because it seemed that you really wanted the purse.

Tary : Don’t worry, Nia. i am totally okay.

Nia : That means you forgive me?

Tary : Sure, dear. Absolutely!

Nia : Thank you, Tary. Hey, let’s go buy the purse this afternoon! Can you make it?

Tary : Wow, that sounds great. OK, I’Il come to your house at four. Wait for me.

Nia : Great. Be waiting for you!